What You Do Is How You Will Receive (Do Not Judge)


Luke 6:36-38

  • Jesus is teaching us about Mercy 
    • By using our everyday actions and attitudes in our life, 
  • Our life has become a routine 
    • specialised in judging others 
    • and expressing our strong disapproval for others
  • Jesus is overlooking our helplessness 
    • and prepares us to receive in abundance of his Mercy 
  • He wants us to see His Father Love and Mercy, 
    • Hence directly opens up  Be merciful,
  • Only if we reflect on Jesus’ own love and generosity, 
    • if we gaze at Jesus we will be able see 
    • The Father’s Love and Mercy 
    • He has lavished in our life and in the whole of Israel History.
  • We will be able to see Fathers Love and Mercy in creation, Nature, History and in our personal life.
  • He will Bless us with the gift of generosity and Holiness to walk as He and His Father walks and relates
  • God does not give us stingily, He gives a good measure of Mercy pressed down, shaken together, running over
  • We will be blessed similarly with this same gift
  • Let us ask the Holy Spirit to help us forgive others and change our way of Living