Jesus Denounces The Practices Of The Scribes And Pharisees


Matthew 23:1-12


  • What is it that the Pharisees and Scribes teach?
  • What is the meaning of Moses Seat in context of this passage?
    • Literally, the Pharisees and Scribes taught and interpreted the Law
    • And by effect they were putting themselves in Moses’ position in trying to teach everyone how to observe the Law.
    • Hence Moses’ Seat.
  • But what they taught
    • They did not believe or trust.
    • Therefore, they did not live it themselves.
    • Yet they demanded that others not break the Law in anyway.
  • How did the Pharisees and Scribes not live the Law?
    • By doing the physical requirements that the Law demanded
    • Like washing before meals
    • Fasting
    • Giving to charity
    • Etc
  • Yet what they did
    • They did because that was what the Law asked them to do as an outward sign.
    • They missed the point that the outward sign represented an inward reality.
    • The sign of purity, humility, gratitude
    • The sign of outward natural expression overflowing from a deeper relationship with God.
  • We have sacraments today in the Church
    • They are graces and outward signs of an inward reality of our beings.
    • Do not stop at what happens to you when you are administered a sacrament.
    • Move inward into yourself
    • And reflect on what Christ is doing in you
    • Start communicating with God
    • Respond to those bridges of Grace and Hope Christ puts into your life
    • Cross them being aware of what they are
    • And you will meet Jesus waiting for you.