The Transfiguration of Jesus


Mark 9:2-10

  • The Occasion of this marvellous manifestation of Jesus as Son of God is the Feast of the Booth/Tents
    • It was an important Feast in the Jewish Calendar
    • Everyone gathered in Jerusalem and made small tents and lived in them.
    • This was their way of joining with the experience of their forefathers
    • Who in their Exodus journey from Egypt lived in the Sinai Desert for forty years.
    • During this time God provided for them and guided them
  • So the conversation of Jesus, Moses and Elijah centred on the topic of Exodus
    • But a new Exodus
  • In the Old Testament
    • Moses lead the Israelites through a purification time in their desert journey.
    • Joshua lead the Israelites to an earthly coming into the Land of Promise.
    • Elijah showcased the coming of a new Exodus for God’s people from earth to Heaven.
  • About the new exodus, through the sea of passion and death of Jesus
    • Would lead the God’s people back in communion and presence of God
  • Basically the Israelites believed this to be the action of the Messiah, i.e. the New Moses


  • So now the Son of Man discusses the final Journey with the stalwarts of the Old Testament.
    • Both representing a major section of the Old Testament Scripture;
    • Moses the Pentateuch and
    • Elijah representing all the Prophets.


  • Christians know Jesus as the Messiah
    • The Son of God
    • The One who come from the Father
    • He invites us into God’s Presence
    • through Baptism
    • And growing in union with him.
    • place your trust in Jesus
    • and follow him as he leads you through your personal exodus
    • from bondage to sin to freedom in the presence of God.