True Blessedness


Luke 11:27-28

Faith is not an overnight process. For the matter of fact neither was St. Paul’s transformation on the Road to Damascus an event of a single instant, which is describes as a fall. It was a journey that happened, and probably the seed were sown at the stoning of St. Stephen. Mary’s greatness is not in that she said that Yes to God at the Annunciation, but  her continual Yes through the struggles of everyday life and not knowing and understanding the path the God was leading her through. What can be identified as Great is that she continually kept her heart open to God and put her trust in him, everyday, every moment. This is what Jesus echoes, when he says, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it!”. For he knows his mother is a living proof of blessedness, she who did not deny God nor closed her heart to him, when faced with hardships, difficulties and problems.

Indeed Blessed is he who study’s the Word of God and sets his face like a flint to live by it. To him Jesus promises that he and the Father, will move in and make their home in him (John8:31-32, 14:23).


John 16:16-20

Like the disciples, we/I also do not understand what Jesus is trying to tell Or what is the actual meaning of His sayings and actions. If they did understand the saying and their required corresponding action, it is very difficult to practice. But that’s what Christian living is, walk with the Lord, very much like the two on the road to Emmaus, but with the knowledge that it is the Lord who balks besides us. This walking is very much like the walking that Adam and Eve did with God in the Garden. The readings of the last few weeks days are helping us understand the unity and relationship of Father and Son and how we in the present times are blessed with the gift of Holy Spirit. Jesus has outpoured the Fathers Love in the of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Are we still battling to understand Jesus saying, teachings or the Word of God, by our human or worldly ability we will still struggle, but when we lean on the Love and guidance of the Holy Spirit, everything will be revealed to us. Even thing which the learned and the scholarly fail to grasp, mere common people will master. The key is to engage the the Trinity in a relationship and start depending on them for good guidance and instructions. Today’s scripture opens this up, In starting to depend the Trinity, we become the People of Joy, that Jesus is referring to.

Let us pray to the Holy spirit for the gifts of Knowledge and Understanding God’s Word.