The World’s Hatred

The World’s Hatred


John 15:18-21


In today’s gospel Jesus is talking purely about rejection, how his chosen disciples shall be rejected by the world for the sake of his name and teaching. Jesus assures them that He has chosen them from the world to fulfill the heavenly father’s mission. In committing themselves to this mission, they will have various obstacles but, they are to take courage in the fact that the World rejected Him first, yet He has conquered the world.

Just as the Disciples were chosen by Jesus to do his mission, we too are chosen by Jesus to fulfill God’s plan in our life. Everybody born into this world has a special call and purpose. Until we fulfill this purpose we remain in the world and face challenges in our life.

Let’s us reflects on the words ‘the servant is not greater than master’;

1)      We are all call to live as Jesus disciples in the world
2)      We are all call to obey God’s commandments
3)      We are all call to bear witness to Christ in our life
4)      We are all call to live as another Christ in this world
5)      We are all call to reflect the values of Christ everyday
6)      We are all call to live as Christ’s servant in the world

As we choose to live our life as per God’s commandment, the world may not accept us, instead it may start to persecute us and chase us, and try to trap us. Always remember that when the world, people, relationships reject you, rejoice in their rejection of you and continue to do your good work, and at the appointed time God will uplift you.

Deuteronomy 28:13 says

“ The Lord will make you the head, and not the tail” you shall be only at the top and not at the bottom, if you obey the commandments of the Lord your God”

Our master Jesus Christ, when he lived in the world he too was rejected by his kin, people from his hometown,  the leaders of synagogue even called him Beelzebul, drunkard, glutton etc but our Lord stood firm in his call to fulfill his mission. A Servant is not greater than his master,  we too will under go various persecutions like our master, but we will need to take courage from the example Jesus has set for us, and start living as per God’s commandments. And God will bless you abundantly.

Am I ready to face the challenges in my life?

Am I ready to reflects the value of Christ in my life?

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