The Widow’s Offering


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday In The Thirty-Fourth Week In Ordinary Time

Luke 21:1-4

It was a custom for the Jews during Jesus’ time to offer their best when they went to the temple.  The rich and the Pharisees alike would always enter the temple and pray aloud and even show off their offering which would be of high value.  They would raise their head up while praying so that everyone could hear them and see their greatness.  

But of all the people, whom did Jesus notice, a poor widow who must have had just that last two coins left with her.  She might not have also had her day’s meal, with great efforts must have saved the money to offer to God Almighty.  Jesus sees “Greatness” in her than the others who offered higher amounts.    Cause Jesus knew her heart, He knew she had offered all that she possessed while others gave only a part of their abundance.

We as humans fail to understand that today whatever we have, whatever we possess and all that we are is  because of our God and what we give is actually giving back what God has given us.  As soon as we start prospering we become selfish, we think that our possessions are all earned by us and when it comes to giving, the ones who have more find it more difficult to give.  Just look around, the richest people in the world, they are richest cause they are holding all they earn for themselves.  But God does see our heart, he gives us more so that we can take care of the less fortunate, share our belongings  with others.  

Let us look into hearts and hear what Jesus thinks about us.  Are we like the Pharisees or like the widow.  Are we generous in our giving or do we give what is left over from our abundance?  Let us pray to Jesus to help us give to the right people and be able to share with those who are in need and uplift the downtrodden.

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