The Judgment of the Nations

The Judgment of the Nations


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday
In The First Week Of Lent


Matthew 25: 31-46

Jesus is talking about his second coming. We hear so many prophecies on this statement that the world would end when Jesus comes back.  In the past few years, many had said that the last day was near, if I rightly remember in the Years 2000, 2012, 2020 were supposed to be the last day but Jesus had not specified the day or year but we are sure that our life on this earth can end any time from now and most probably before the second coming.  In either ways we need to be prepared at all times as we do not know the day and time when we would be meeting our Father and Jesus.

Jesus had explained this before in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus who die and the conversation t the gate on the sin of omission.  Many a times we do everything right and think that we are on the right path but we ignore the very things below our nose as told by Jesus in the above passage.  We hoard up so much wealth for ourselves and fail to share with the needy.  We are so complacent with our lives that we do not find the need to talk about Jesus to anyone we meet who are yet to know that he is the true God.  When choose to do good, Jesus promises us the kingdom of heaven and a place in his Father’s house. 

Through this passage, He is warning the nations who are plotting to destroy other nations and are indulging into all kinds of wrong doings.  Today we see the worst happening in nearly all nations, the ways of living have changed just like the times of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Governments want the name of God removed from all Schools and Institutions, churches are being converted to hotels, live styles have changed, gay marriages, lesbians, live-in relationship are the in thing in today’s world.  Fornication and adultery are accepted and openly discussed, even small children have sexual relations, and no one can question them.   

In all this, there are still many who are turning to the Lord and at the same time, evangelisation continues in different parts of the world despite persecution.

Let us pray to Jesus to give us the grace to be like the early Christians who lived peacefully sharing and caring for each other.  Help us to have compassion on the needy, may it be the lonely, sick, poor or mourning.  


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