The Sign of God’s Love of Humanity

The Sign of God’s Love of Humanity


Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday

In The Second Week Of Easter

John 3:16-21

We all do accept that God’s Love is Steadfast, unchanging and all giving. We understand this in a big way in the Incarnation of Jesus. God came and pitched his tent amongst us, a thing that needs to be totally understood, because it is this that has power to change us and transform us. What does God becoming human in Jesus really mean, only this that He in His all outpouring love, has moved His Presence, so to say, from the lofty heavens to the domain of humanity. And this he has done not to go back to the so called lofty heights of heaven, but to live among us permanently.

Here I must say I am very influenced by N.T Wright. He says in Jesus becoming Human, the Heavens have left its high perch and has come and settled in the Earth. Yes, where God/Jesus is, there is His Kingdom/Heaven.

What does this tell us about today’s reading, the Steadfast God in his steadfastness sent himself to save us. And to save us he became one like us, to reside with us forever. That means He is around us even now, walking with us, guiding us and helping us. He is very near at hand. Since he is with us for good, there is hope for humanity. So give up listening to all the negativity around you, Latch on to this bright fact that Jesus is near you and me, and we can reach out and speak to Him, Cultivate a proper and normal relationship with him, as would I with you.

Just as Jesus proclaimed during his time of ministry, so to now too it is true, that He is here, not for those who think they are well, meaning those that find themselves not needing God in their life, or those who think they are always right in themselves, but He is here for those who know they are flawed, they need saving, they need help, they need hope, guidance and comforting. Jesus invites them, come to me, taste me from where you are and what you are. If you find yourself satisfied, then repent, believe and be transformed in his abundant love.

Desire Him then with a sincere heart, and you will find yourself satisfied.

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