The One Who Comes from Heaven

The One Who Comes from Heaven

Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday

In The Second Week Of Easter

John 3:31-36

Jesus invites and welcomes All to live a life in abundance. He pours out his steadfast love on us, He lavishes his Fathers Love by revealing to us God’s merciful face of love. We only need to accept and receive all that he reveals and gives us. Specially the gift of the Holy Spirit who fortifies us and continually empowers us to give the Triduum Love to All. In today’s Word, Jesus strengths our gift to believe. Jesus testifies to the Father and we in turn need to testify to the eternal life we bear in us, i.e. we need to testify to the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit Help us to appreciate all that we have received and use it building your Kingdom

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