The Question about Fasting

The Question about Fasting


Reflection on the Gospel

of the Friday After Ash Wednesday

Matthew 9:14-15

Fasting was an essential part of penance followed by the Jews. The followers of John also fasted like the Pharisees or any other jew. Jesus also fasted and prayed to his father, for 40 days while he was facing the temptations and again before he could accept the Cross.

When questioned by John’s disciples, Jesus defends his disciples saying that they have no reason to fast in his presence, but when he is gone and not with them, then they will fast and ask for repentance when they feel his absence.  

Fasting not only means giving up on food, but also means liberation; releasing ourselves from the bonds of sin, selfishness and coming back closer to God. When we fast from anger or evil thoughts, we build love, when we fast from greed and selfishness, we are able to satisfy the hunger of others and be of service, when we fast from our digital world, we are able to spend quality time with our family and friends, real personal communication.  

During this holy season of Lent, what have you resolved to fast from?

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