The Pharisees As Guides to Stagnation


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday
Of The Twenty-Eight Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 11:47-54

Actions speaks louder and they can reveal true nature, especially the actions in our past living and upbringing. In today’s scripture reading Jesus is challenging us to break the chains of out past, chains taken on by of our ancestor’s. Jesus is inviting us to speak through actions, let our actions speak the gospel, The contradiction between observances of living the religious law and our moral behaviour is not hidden from anyone. Jesus is challenging us to raise our voice if and when we across this and accept in humility the persecution that comes our way, due to our witness and proclamation of the Gospel, because we oppose false attitudes.
The observance of the Law in a strict manner was hindering people from enter in and working for the kingdom and hence the meaning, understanding and the grace of the Law was completely lost. And those observing it were in no way closer to the love of God. Like always, again in todays scripture the Lord is setting before us the way of living, be ready to experience hatred because of sharing the kingdom of God, and set up examples with our actions for people to believe, also come and abide in God.

Holy Spirit help us to live the word and be the better leaven in the dough and take us away from being like the Pharisees in our actions.

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