The Incompetency of the Pharisees and Scribes


Jesus Condemns the Pharisees

Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday
Of The Twenty-Eight Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 11:42-46

The Pharisees and Teachers were the only hope of the common people. The Teachers were the Levites, and back in the books of the Law, they were tasked with Educating the people to love God with all their heart, mind and strength. They failed miserably in this as is noted in the books of Judges and Kings. Now too, they were more concerned with themselves. They taught the faith in such a way, that they themselves were not living it, but demanded others live it. They missed showing the love of God, rather they showed God as a difficult person, ready to take them into exile, at the drop of a hat. Compare that to what Jesus offered the people, a loving God – Our Father.

The Pharisees were a group within the Jewish religion, though they had no religious-legal standing, they offered to the people, as those who loved God. They were very popular, but alas, they taught the people to mind their external life, not their internal. They themselves did not guard themselves against pride and the like and so Jesus is pointing out the corruption that is already setting in them, woe to you, ‘for you yourselves have sealed your faith.’

External joy, and saving face, is but a momentary thing/experience. It will be gone in the blink of an eye. It will eat into you and leave you distraught and dissatisfied with life. Look inward, check your hearts desires, stretch out your hand, and ask the Lord Jesus to help. Though the burden of being Jesus’ disciple is a task heavy, the joy and its fulfilling nature cancels everything. Give yourself hope, try Jesus.

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