A Warning against Hypocrisy


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday
Of The Twenty-Eight Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 12:1-7

Jesus criticised the Pharisees for their hypocrisy and high handed behaviour towards other fellow jews. Hypocrisy is a contradiction between one’s personal life and one’s public image, one’s beliefs and behaviour. Jesus asks his disciples to follow a life of integrity, of service rather than just being preachy; to lead by example. We humans are capable of putting on masks and hiding behind it, sometimes, out of fear of the other person or what others may think.

Jesus asks us to handle this fear effectively. If we are focused on the path to eternal life with God, then the knowledge of God will liberate us from the fear of losing our physical existence. God does not forget even the tiny sparrow, so we who are created in his image and likeness are far more precious to him. Pay heed to him, who has the power to cast into hell!   


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