The Parable of the Sower

The Parable of the Sower

Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday
In The Twenty-Fourth Week Of Ordinary Time


Luke 8: 4-15

Most of Jesus teachings are in the form of parable. Except John gospel remaining all the 3 Gospels have parable of Jesus. Jesus audiences are poor and common people as per their capable of understand Jesus teach them value of life and importance of Gods kingdom. Among all one of most important and self explanatory parable is parable of sower. Jesus used their daily necessities things and explained Gods Kingdom. In the parable there are 4 types of fields:

  1. Seed sowed on footpath
  2. Seed sowed on rock
  3. Seed sowed on thorn bush
  4. Seed sowed on Good soil.

Let’s us mediate about each field and their ability to bear fruits.

It seems that the Sower is not cautious or vigilant about sowing. Actually, the Sower wanted there should not be empty field under his control hence he sowed the seeds in all types of fields. Here seed represents Word of God and field represents heart of human being and the Sower is God. 

  1. Seed sowed on footpath : These people are occasional visitor to church, word of God sowed on their heart is stolen by evil one on the way to home, thus there is no fruit in the field.
  2. Seed sowed on rock : These people are like rootless plant. Word of God sowed on their heart are remain for a while. out of joy and happiness they move ahead but at the time testing or tribulation they fall down, thus they are conditional fruits.
  3. Seed sowed on thorn bush : These people are impatient. Word of God sowed in their heart remain for short period. World anxiety, pleasure and temptation make them fall , thus they are seasonal fruits
  4. Seed sowed on Good soil : These people are rooted well in the soil and in any circumstance remain faithful to their call and bear fruits throughout the life time. As it is rooted strongly on soil its fruits are sometime 100-fold, 60-fold, 30-fold.

In our heart the word of God is already sowed by God. Now its our responsibility to bear fruitful or barren. 

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