The Narrow Door

The Narrow Door

Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday In The Thirtieth Week In Ordinary Time

Luke 13:22-30

The narrow door, what can we liken it to? Poverty, choosing difficult paths and making difficult choices? Maybe its all these, but lets look at Jesus and understand what was his narrow doorway. I think his night in the Garden of Gethsemane – Lord not my Will, but yours be done – summarises this. Knowing where he was heading, knowing God the Father was shepherding him down that path, yet his humanness was much afraid of this, so much so he called Peter the Devil, because he was trying to influence him away from the path of self-surrender and self giving to God.

We too have many things we know that God is guiding us down. But we ignore and do other stuff, because we are afraid. At this time look at the Father, look at Jesus, look at who God IS, not whom you assume them to be or let your fears create a graven image of God. Then be sure of your Lord and God and hold on to him. Life has many choices to make everyday, some which are right today in one scenario may be wrong tomorrow in the same scenario, requires us to abstain another time. But we can never assess the choices by our own understanding. We need to always rely on God for this. This to for a few can be the narrow door.

Let us pray; Father give us the understanding, patience and strength to lean on you everyday, open our hearts to your presence everyday, and the grace to go through life, knowing you are besides us.

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