The Parables of the Mustard Seed and the Yeast


Reflection on the Gospel of the Tuesday In The Thirtieth Week In Ordinary Time

Luke 13:18-21

You only require to believe and let Jesus into your life…

Yes that is what even John 3:16 is all about, that we believe and open the door of our heart to companionship with God. Then it is his responsibility to honour our lives, and make it a blessing for all. But believing¬† is not about just a vocal professing faith in Jesus as Lord and God, but the vocalisation of a deep conviction, which you live in every action of your life. It means knowing that he walks besides you, directs your life’s path, cares for you and protects you in every way. And therefore you need now to reciprocate his love for you, by acknowledging this his presence in your life and work at what will make him happy…

Strangely, even as you undertake this route of making space for God in you, you will find changes taking place in your life, and eventually you will be transformed, you will become a blessing, and you will find the birds (people around you), making way to you…, in turn that they may be blessed like you.

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