Jesus Chooses the Twelve Apostles


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday In The Thirtieth Week In Ordinary Time

Luke 6:12-19 (Feasts: Apostles Simon & Jude)

Jesus as human had the authority from God to do everything, and as God he was Lord and Master of all. Yet he did not use his divine will and practiced his Human will. And in identifying with humanity totally, he waited on his Father and regularly prayed. This relationship with God was the basis of his effective ministry. The signs performed, the healings and deliverances, the words taught had power, all an overflow of his relationship with God.  He did not pray occasionally but regularly, thus having a perfect relation with his God-Father and their wills were in sync – they were the same. Today’s scripture tells us that he prayed all night, waiting on God to help him decide those that will be his Apostles. Here Jesus’ action of praying and waiting, and not deciding and then praying needs to be highlighted. Jesus chose the twelve from his disciples whom he named apostles. His prayer, discernment was so powerful that his disciples could exercises his power in their work and the Church leaders and given grace to do the same today. His mission founded on the twelve was to last forever. Do we pray before important decisions and moments of our living, do our decisions bear fruit? are we strong enough to depend on our relationship with Father  the pray time we spend and take that courage’s step to chose the poor, ordinary and or the little that is available? Holy Spirit help me to grow in my relationship with my Lord, help me to discern and chose.

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