Jesus Is Presented in the Temple & The Return to Nazareth

Jesus Is Presented in the Temple & The Return to Nazareth



Reflection on the Gospel of the The Presentation Of The Lord

Luke 2:22-40


We have sufficiently reflected on the main Gospel theme for today – the Babe Jesus’ presentation in the Temple.

Today I would like to reflect on the last few verses.

When they had finished everything required by the law of the Lord,
they returned to Galilee, to their own town of Nazareth.
The child grew and became strong,
filled with wisdom;
and the favour of God was upon him.

In these few words, the author has given a lot of information. Jesus is born (in Bethlehem) and on the Eight Day presented as any Firstborn, Israelite, Male child, to be redeemed, in the Temple. Shortly, we do not now how long afterwards, the Holy Family finds itself back in Nazareth. While Luke does not refute Matthew’s mention of the Wise Men and Jesus’ Egyptian sojourn, he affirms that Jesus was mostly brought up in Nazareth, where the Holy Families extended family stayed. But amidst all the troubles and hardships, Jesus grew in everyway, especially spiritually. This, Luke says, can be seen in the relationship Jesus exhibited with God Father, as seen in all the miracles and healings and the Wisdom he exhibited, in His teachings and actions.

It’s about time we imitate Jesus in this. We need to show God our desire to be connected to Him in everyway. When he sees this desire, we will start noticing Him in our lives. Do not approach Him half-heartedly, it will only blind you to God’s presence and action in your life. We need to sit at His feet and learn. It is good to read the Bible and do all sorts of things to gain information about God/Jesus. But the real deal is God Himself. What I want to say is that it will be like you  standing outside the Ice Cream shop, mouth watering, lip licking and that’s it. You need to go in and taste for yourself. No special forms of prayer are required, just speak what is in your heart. If you want to complain, do so, but show your desire to Him. after all you want to say, wait and listen. If not today, tomorrow, you will sense Him talking and communicating with you. Return to this time each day.


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