The Jews Reject Jesus’ Teaching


John 10:31-42

The Pharisees are upset with Jesus’ bold teaching and cannot take it anymore and hence want to stone him to death for blasphemy! A punishment – they said, for calling himself the ‘Son of God’! He urges them to take off the blinds from their eyes and see that he was only doing the works of his heavenly Father. While Jesus escapes from them and moves toward the site of his baptism near the Jordan, there were a few whose eyes were opened and they could see the truth of John the Baptist’s prophecy.

Very often we also condemn people by our self made standards, failing to understand the meaning of the events of that moment. We like the Jews are blind to our own shortcomings.

Do we also believe in the visible signs that God gives us and turn towards him or do we instead throw the stones of our indifference, lack of faith and complacency in the state of sin?