The Birth of Jesus Announced


Luke 1: 26-38


  • The Annunciation of Jesus’ Birth is a sign of hope on two levels, 
    • It is announcing that the King of Kings is coming to his own, to rescue them.
    • And it is also announcing to each one of us, that we are not forgotten.
    • God wills us to be saved and like Mary we are perplexed.
  • Mary represents us in this narrative,
    • And we recognising we are sinners,
    • Say how can God abide in us who are sinners.
    • And God is assuring us,
    • He never forgot us,
    • Always waiting for the best time,
    • to come and proclaim to us, 
    • his love and acceptance of us,  
    • as we are.
  • He says;
    • Open your hearts,
    • Let me come and be born in you,
    • And let me grow in you,
    • And I will show you,
    • How to love as God,
    • And live life with God,
    • Walking in his presence.
  • Let us join with Mary and say,
    • ‘Be it done to me/us according to your Will.’