The Plot to Kill Jesus

The Plot to Kill Jesus


John 11:45-57



  • Jesus has become a threat for everyone.
    • Just before this passage,
    • we read of Jesus raising Dead Lazarus to life.
    • Many believed and the self-righteous and powerful felt threatened.


  • The Sadducees were worried about the Romans reaction.
    • The Pharisees were worried everyone would desert them.
    • The scribes were worried that their authority and value would go away.
    • The Herodians were worried Jesus would announce himself as King and God,
    • and they were going to lose the favour they enjoyed as supporters of Herod.


  • Jesus was indeed an enigma,
    • because each looked at him, from their own agenda in life.
    • Jesus was not part of any group, and stood by himself,
    • He drew huge crowds and had garnered a huge popularity.
    • Such a person was a risk to the political status quo.


  • Is what Jesus stands for a risk to what you desire in life?
  • or is it worth it to loose everything to Jesus?
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