The Harvest

The Harvest


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday In The First Week Of Advent

Matthew 9:35-10:1, 5-8

Jesus throughout his life journey on earth worked restlessly for the kingdom of God. Day and night he was concern about people and kept on moving from one city to another city and proclaimed the gospel and healed many people. Today’s gospel passage shows his concerning nature regarding the scarcity of labourer in God’s Vineyard. Let’s reflect on the words “The harvest is plentiful and laborers are few”.

The Harvest in this passage represents God’s people returning to him wholeheartedly, and living a life of witness. Israel as God’s chosen people,  failed miserably and like the prodigal son ran away, and were like him living a miserable life.

The Labourers represent Gods chosen, called to live with him, learning his heart, and seeking to draw the rest of the sheep in the world to the one flock of Yahweh.

The Role of the labourer in God’s kingdom

  1. The Labourer should always be vigilant and concerned about his soul and the ministry assigned to him.
  2. The Labourer should daily seek his Masters grace and power, to do his work.
  3. The Labourer should constantly pray for his ministry .
  4. The Labourer should care about the spiritual needs of others being the soothing balm to the distressed, rejected, in despair and broken.
  5. The Labourer should heal the wounded soul and console them and help them build up their lives.
  6. The Labourer should guide and teach the truth, the way and the life.
  7. The Labourer should teach in the name of Jesus.
  8. The Labourer should be pure in heart and mind.
  9. The Labourer should be an example, in his living, action and outreach.
  10. The Labourer should sacrifice his own self  for the betterment of those astray
  11. The Labourer should continuously be attentive for God’s promptings, to reach out to those lost.
  12. The Labourer should take responsibility and accountability for the other sheep. 

In Lord’s vineyard there is lots of vacancies and there is no qualification or eligibility required to work with Lord. His grace is sufficient for us to carry the mission entrusted to us. Everyone baptized in Christ is eligible to partake in Jesus mission, yes friends today Jesus is personally sending an invitation to each of us, are we ready to accept his invitation and work with him.

Those who labour in God’s kingdom shall be rewarded by our Heavenly Father. Let us our lives and accept the call and in turn receive the rewarded kept for us.

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