The Fruits of the Messiah’s Ministry

The Fruits of the Messiah’s Ministry


Reflection on the Gospel of the Tuesday
In The Third Week Of Advent


Matthew Luke 7: 19-23

Jesus here is stating the obvious to the agents of John the Baptist, who is confused and looking off-focus. he is looking at the Old Testament Prophecies literally. He is looking at them as prose – plain language, while the truth is that they are poetry, proclaiming the Jesus Truth – which is Spiritual Truth, not physical or political truth. We fail similarly when we try to match up the Bible to Science, but both deal in different areas, and the Bible has professed many a thing, where science only now claims to be absolute reality.

Coming back to John the Baptist, Jesus directs his gaze to the fruits of His Ministry, ‘look at it, it has blossomed and it is giving out fruit. The same fruit that Isaiah speaks of  that would happen when the Messiah will come.’ Is this not than obvious, Jesus is the Messiah. This was sufficient for John the Baptist, to realign his thoughts and understanding of the Messiah and His Kingdom.

In today’s world, there is much going around, but there is a lack of a total relationship with God/Jesus. We are so caught up in the problems the world throws around us and on others, that we miss making time for God. And therefore we miss God working in and around us. Just like John the Baptist, our focus is elsewhere. Our faith, that we have grown up with teaches us God is NOW, and AROUND us, but we cannot see Him, and thus do not know/try to cultivate a relationship with Him. Much of this comes based on information fed to us by the world. But this world is not focused on Jesus and His activities, and thus speaks everything but Jesus and His values. But the fact is that all those miracles that Jesus did, the Apostles did, are even happening today, because the same God/Jesus is active today, people are being fed – the sacks do not run out, there is miraculous provisions for the hungry, people step out in faith not knowing where/how to go, and the road clearly appears before them, hearts are getting changed and much more… This is like what Jesus compared the Kingdom of God to, “the seed is dying and changing, away from the gaze of the people, and then suddenly there is a huge crop”

Incarnation means, Jesus willingly assumed human reality for himself to identify with us and lead us to Heavenly reality. He did not do this on an impulse, because He had planned to always do this at the proper time. And like a husband He fully poured himself out to us. Let us then respond by giving ourselves fully to him… Come Lord Holy Spirit, help us to pour ourselves to God, even as you draw us into His Presence.

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