Jesus Expresses His Esteem of John the Baptist

Jesus Expresses His Esteem of John the Baptist

Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday In The Third Week Of Advent


Luke 7: 24-30

John’s Disciples were aware that the Kingdom of God was approaching, and this they knew because Jesus had answered and explained many a things John the Baptist and they themselves were seeking. Jesus gave them enlighten, they could nw see clearly and proclaim Jesus as the Messiah.

Jesus is waiting to clear our doubts and bring blessing into our lives also, Jesus does not want us to stay in a confused state, but approach him in whatever situation we are in, so let us not shy away with our concerns and fears but in humility present it to the Lord and await His blessing and healing.

After John’s Disciple has left, Jesus speaks to the Pharisees and people around, clarifying John’s role (that of herald/messenger), as in some ways they acknowledge him as a Prophet. Jesus though John the Baptist is a messenger who prepares the way for the Real King, he is more than a prophet and greatest of all who came and are to come, yet how whoever humbles themselves in the Kingdom of God will be greater than him. Hearing this the people including tax collectors and also the experts of Law  understood that Jesus, indirectly was answering the question in their minds, is Jesus the Messiah? And here Jesus was confirming the same. But the experts of the Law willingly rejected God’s plan for themselves. How do we place ourselves today before our Lord and The Churches teachings, are we receptive or reject God’s Plan?

Holy Spirit Help me to understand and live The sacred Scripture and the sacred Tradition

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