The Disciples and The Father in Heaven


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday

In The Sixth Week Of Easter

John 16:23b-28

Jesus throughout his public ministry have taught many valuable teaching to his disciples and people in the form of parable. Many times disciples could not understand the parable but Jesus privately explained to them, thus disciple understood and believed in Jesus. Jesus praised and thanked god the father and done many miracles and wonders in the world. Jesus shared his power to his disciples to drive out demons, heal the sick and proclaim good news during his life journey in the world thus he bore all the sickness, curse and sins of the world on his shoulder and washed out completely in the cross.

Jesus speaks plainly to his disciples that his time has come to leave the world so he suggested his disciples to ask in his name to god the father for their needs and wants. Also Jesus promised them to send a helper (holy spirit) to guide towards the truth and lead them to accomplished the mission entrusted to them. Disciples believed in Jesus promises and post resurrection have seen the same miracles and wonder took place in the community in the name of Jesus through them. The name of Jesus means “ God save us”. Apostles experienced the power of Jesus in earlier Christian community and same is recorded in the book of Acts. Power in the name of Jesus is same yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

Jesus assured us that in his name all our  iniquities are forgiven and new life granted to us. All our anxiety , fear about death, future shall be vanished. Jesus fill each of us with his power and lead us to truth and eternal life. Let’s us reflects our self do I believe in Jesus name and experienced the power of Jesus  in my life

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