The Ascension Of The Lord Jesus


Reflection on the Gospel of

Ascension Sunday

Luke 24:46-53

Jesus had a deep and personal relationship with his disciples.  The disciples became his followers because they experienced this personal relationship with Jesus.  They witnessed great miracles before their eyes, they paid attention to his teaching, tried their best to understand the Gospel, felt hopeless during Jesus’ passion and death, afraid and confused post his resurrection. They were walking the journey with Jesus despite all the ups and downs. However, their journey could not end with Jesus leaving them. The mission of spreading the Good News (Sinful humanity is redeemed through the death and resurrection of Jesus) to the ends of the earth had to continue.  Jesus sends his Holy Spirit to empower and guide his followers every step of the way.
Today we too are followers of Christ, making our own journey with him. Our little faith needs to grow and bear fruit. We need to realize that Jesus hasn’t abandoned us. His spirit continues to dwell and guide the church even today. To be truly transformed into a spirit filled church, each of us needs to be open to the spirit so that we can be united in Jesus and Jesus can abide in us making the Kingdom of God truly present.

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