The Parable of the Talents

The Parable of the Talents


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday
In The Twenty-First Week Of Ordinary Time


Matthew 25: 14-30

God created the world and made man its steward . He blessed equally each one of us with various skills,  thus the entire world flourished and was enriched with goodness. Every human being born on the earth is responsible for the progress and betterment of the earth. Each person contributes their thoughts and vision for the welfare of the people living in the earth and nature. Also God well pleased with the people who are contributing more on construction work rather than destructive work.

As mentioned in the Gospel passage the stewards who received 5 talents  and 2 talents worked with what they received to acquire more talents. Both were committed and faithful to their master, whereas the steward with the 1 talent was irresponsible and hid his talent in thus there was bi effort on his part. Like the steward with the one talent we too imitate him in different ways: 

  • We hide our own talents and pursue others talents.
  • We compare our growth with others and stop our own growth.
  • Instead of working on our own talents, often we work on others talents.
  • Due to laziness, we fail to recognize our own talents (strength and weakness).
  • Vision and dreams in our life revolve around in a short and bad circle.
  • We underestimation our own strength and fill ourselves with inferior complexity.
  • We fail to follow our aims and fail to accept failures as learning areas towards success.
  • We fear beforehand and therefore fail to face challenges in our life
  • We fail to commit to the work entrusted to us.

We can add on so many things which are obstacles to our growth. To reach a better position and receive reward we have to work on our own strengths and weaknesses, rather than hide them.

Let’s pray to Holy spirit to reveal our own talents, fill us with good-proper self esteem and work without ceasing and bring prosperity in own life and everyone around us.

 All our efforts never go in vain”


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