The Chosen :: Season1 Episode 7: <i>Invitations</i>

The Chosen :: Season1 Episode 7: Invitations


This episode starts with a scene from the Old Testament Moses is making a bronze serpent. Joshua enters and questions this idol making. Moses stresses on Obedience to God’s Instructions because walking with Yahweh is not an act of reason but an act of faith.

When we read the Bible, we come across many invitations that Jesus puts forward to people, it all depends on the way each one chooses to respond to their invitation. In this episode we see Nicodemus coming to meet Jesus in the middle of the night and confronting Jesus on the healing of the paralytic man. This is a graphic picturisation of John 3, where Jesus and Nicodemus talk about being Born Again. Jews believed that the Messiah would come and put an end to the Roman Empire. Jesus confronts Nicodemus, as Messiah his concern is not physical but spiritual, therefore he is not concerned with the end of the Roman Empire, but the end of sin. Jesus connects Moses’ actions in the Old Testament of raising the Bronze Serpent to His own call and ministry. The words of the Scriptures are well applied in this conversation and finally Jesus is shown inviting Nicodemus to follow him.

On the other hand, we are shown the tax collector Matthew struggling to comprehend the miracle he witnessed of Peter’s catching a large catch of fish, and wonders why God has made him so talented and yet is in the situation where his family is disgusted with him and has disowned him. While wondering about his life and his professional and personal choices, he is struggling to find purpose for his own life. In the midst of all this, Jesus sees Matthew and invites him to come and follow him. Out of his desperation to find meaning for his life and joy of being chosen and called, Matthew responds immediately and positively by following Jesus.

However, Nicodemus’ response is kept in suspense for the the next episode.

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