Born Again

Born Again

0 0 Reflection on the Gospel of the Tuesday In The Second Week Of Easter   John 3: 7b-15 All of us set goals in our respective life and the… Read more

The Chosen :: Season1 Episode 7: Invitations

0 0 This episode starts with a scene from the Old Testament Moses is making a bronze serpent. Joshua enters and questions this idol making. Moses stresses on Obedience to… Read more
Jesus expains to Nicodemus

Nicodemus and Jesus: The Son of Man

0 0 John 3: 7b-15 I love John Chapter 3, over the years I have collected insights to it. Here Jesus is specifically pointing out to Nicodemus that one needs… Read more
Nicodemus visits Jesus

Nicodemus Visits Jesus

0 0 John 3:1-8 The Gospel of John has the teachings of Jesus on a higher level of understanding than the synoptic Gospels, at times not very easy for everyone… Read more