The Call of Matthew


Matthew 9:9-13


During his brief public ministry, Jesus  brought a freshness to the ordinary people of Jerusalem. The Levitical  laws had  created fixed mind sets and perceptions about people. A  Jew  would always be measured with reference to these law; those who aligned were righteous and good, and those who thought differently was shunned  or thought to be unworthy. The Tax collector was also considered a man of the ruling government, therefore a traitor and not a worthy Jew, who was rather shrewd and crafty.

But Jesus did not have blinds, he chose those in whom he knew the seed of faith would grow, that fertile soil, who would absorb the Word of God and spread it fearlessly. Mathew was a living example of a tax collector who listened to the Word and became a loyal disciple and then an evangelist. God’s call to us can come at any point of time, we just have to say ‘Yes’.

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