Jesus Heals a Paralytic


Matthew 9:1-8


Jesus could easily see that the paralytic brought to him lying on his bed, was brought to him by his friends, with full confidence and faith. Jesus makes him whole (forgiveness of his sins), but also Heals him. Jesus pronounces the forgiveness of his sins by saying, “Take heart, my son; your sins are forgiven.” This is the key element to the paralytics healing and to understand this passage. Jesus is revealing who HE IS, by the choice of his words and the witness of healing. It also witnesses to his deity. But this is a stumbling block for the Pharisees and Scribes. They knew that only God could forgive sins, but the thing that stood in the way of them accepting Jesus as God was his simple, and humble origins. They believed that God could act only in Glory, splendour, pomp and show. For them a loving God who would become like his creation (Incarnation) was blasphemy. This then is the stumbling of learning and preconceived ideas. God is much more than what we can think, and we must make space/place in our thinking for this. On the other hand the crowd was struck with awe and wonder, and they glorified God and the Authority of God they saw in Jesus to forgive sins, which was backed by the physical healing. This will have gone a long way to change the people’s mindset regarding Jesus, being a miracle worker, but now slowly becoming more favourable to Jesus possibly being the Son of God.

Let us give-up our murmuring, come and bring others to the Lord in faith before him. Let us come before Our Lord not so much to gain miracles but in reverence Glorifying, Him. Let us Rise and walk testifying to God’s Goodness bestowed on us. Pray that Holy Spirit direct our minds and thoughts always to Praise and Thank God.



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