True Discipleship


John 8:31-42

Jesus is Truth!

  • When we believe in Him and obey His Word, He sets us free from sin and the lies of the devil.
  • The Jews thought they had the privilege of being Abraham’s descendants.
  • But just being Abraham’s descendants did not automatically make them ‘God’s Children’.
  • They had failed to realise that Abraham was a man of Great Faith, and his faith was a result of his relationship with God. Therefore, it was easy for him to be obedient to God.
  • Only Jesus, ‘The Son’, could set them free, free from errors in thoughts, actions and understanding. And when Jesus would illuminate the truth, they would be able to really take on their true identity as God’s Children.
  • We pray to Jesus; Lord let your light shine on your truth, in my life, that I may be free to serve you, with all my heart, mind and strength.