Serving Two Masters & Worry

Serving Two Masters & Worry

Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday

Of The Eleventh Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 6:24-34

Today’s gospel passage is part of Jesus’ Sermon of the Mount. The people who came to listen to Jesus preaching were ordinary and simple people. They were more concerned about their day to day necessities and worried about their livelihood. A few people followed him to get food to fill their stomach (perishable food) and failed to fill their soul with the word of God (Non-perishable). Few followed him and expected miracles to be happen in their life. Jesus knew the intentions of the people and in spirit preached to them to seek the Kingdom of God and his Righteous and also guided them to serve only one master.

Jesus’ sermon is very much applicable to today’s people in the world. In our midst we have different groups of people, some seek the Lord only at the time of difficulties and at the time of need, after this they forget the Lord’s good deeds and are unmindful of Him. Some seek the Lord to receive blessings in their lives. Some blindly follow the instruction, as in blind leading blind, thus knowingly or unknowingly serving two masters and finally end up with a lot of worry in life. Some people seek the face of the Lord throughout their lifetime and develop a deep relationship with Him. Such people get acquainted with the will of God and experience the presence of God in every moment of their life.

God created this world only to be in a relationship with us; whereas today we are running behind or worrying about worldly created or even good and proper things, and forget Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:33; “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you,” rather than building a relationship with our Father in Heaven. When we open an account in a bank, initially, the banker gives us a kit containing a debit card, cheque book and net banking details, and post account activation we get to access and operate the account. Similarly, when we pray/talk/communicate with Our Father God, we too get a kit containing happiness, joy, peace, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and this kit is activated slowly, a step at a time, as we grow in our relationship with God and this way we get access to enter God’s Kingdom

Yes, friends let us seek the Kingdom of God and his righteous and serve only one master, who will provide us all that we can worry about, and to to that let us get the kit of God’s Grace – the gift of the Holy Spirit activated within us. This is the proper and only way forward as a Christian is of being salt and light of the earth.

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