Concerning Treasures & Soundness of the Eye

Concerning Treasures & Soundness of the Eye


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday

Of The Eleventh Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 6:19-23

The gospel today is a nice brief summary of how we should live our lives. The goal and the way to reach the goal is clearly outlined for us by our Lord. The way we live each day either brings us closer or takes us away from our eternal goal. 

Our goal is to establish a place in heaven, build up the wealth of virtue, kindness and love and build the Kingdom of God. The more this goal becomes clear, the easier it is to live life simply and meaningfully with less anxiousness and worries of the future, that will only consume us. 

Our eyes enable us to identify and enlighten ourselves. Our Lord rightly calls them the lamp which guides us and brings us out of darkness. What we see will help us change our mindsets and change our perspective towards incidents and events in our life. 

As the beautiful hymn goes, we ask our Lord to “open the eyes of our hearts” , so that we can see him, high & lifted up, shining in the light of his glory, pouring out his power and love on us!    

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