Rewards of a Relationship with God

Rewards of a Relationship with God


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday In The Twenty-Eight Week In Ordinary Time

Luke 12:8-12

Jesus came in to this world to reveal the love of God, wherever he went he courageously proclaimed the truth and brought people closer to God. In Jewish community, the religious leader and the people in higher authority refused to accept Jesus’ message and they merely saw Jesus’  human form and choose not to see his divine reality. There was a division among Jewish people about Jesus. Some  of them raised questions like the ‘“Messiah” shall come from the tribe of Judah and he will be the son of David,’ but Jesus came from Nazareth and was the son of a carpenter. He performed many miracles and wonders, but those who wanted to oppose him began to day that the source of his power was demonic, and he was aided by Beelzebub – the Chief Demon. And thus such people could not see Jesus’ divine nature, because they had covered their eyes, mind and heart with greed and spite. Jesus predicts the future missionary challenges in apostolic life and encouraging his disciples to stand firm and confess the truth also Jesus, fearless. And he promised them if you confessed his name on the earth then entire heaven shall honour of the person and he shall be exalted over the angels.

In the earlier Christian community, while proclaiming the good news about Jesus, the disciples faced many challenges from the Jews and gentiles, but the disciples overcame all trails with the help of the Holy Spirit’s guidance and they courageously faced the challenges raised by the religious, the Community Leaders and house in authority. In this was the Church was built on the heroic and tangible example of the disciples. Let’s look at steps to over come the trails and challenges in our life while confessing our faith in Christ

  1. In all situation keep your trust in Jesus and his promises
  2. Never ever give up your vocation, for the sake of worldly things
  3. Be ready to accept the praise and criticism from anyone (in family and in society) on account of Jesus, as there will be great reward in the heaven
  4. Let your faith not be shaken in front of unbeliever, because Jesus has already empowered you with his Holy Spirit.
  5. Pray to the Holy Spirit to give you boldness and courage to profess your Christ Faith
  6. Do not get agitated, be calm and surrender all your weakness to Jesus.

Today’s gospel invites us to profess our faith and stand firm for Jesus during the tough times in our life, assuring us of God’s presence every time, all time and always. 

“I am with you always, to the end of the age,” says Jesus in Matthew 28:20.

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