Know the Father through Knowing Jesus, the Son

Know the Father through Knowing Jesus, the Son


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday In The Fourth Week Of Easter


John 14: 7-14

God the Father created the world and made human beings stewards of it. God himself taught man and made him superior to all creatures. Every day man and God shared in conversation on creation and man seeked God’s guidance and protection on the work of his hands. At the same time God gave freedom to man to choose good or bad and He never impose anything to him forcefully, which led to humanities fall and separation from God. To redeem, to bring back humanity to a healthy and proper relationship with God, like before its fall, and to understand the love of God, God started sending Judges, Kings and Prophets, but the people failed to understand the love of God. 

For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life,” John 3: 16. Jesus came to this world to reveal the love of God the Father and re-unite humanity in relationship with Him. In Old Testament, Moses did great wonders among the nations and people believed that God the Father was with Moses, hence did the mighty deeds which lead to the freedom of the Israelites from slavery. Also, the people saw that God spoke to Moses from the midst of thunder when he took him to the mountain top and gave him the Law/Commandments, to teach the chosen people. In Jesus’ time, the people were waiting for a similar messenger-messiah to redeem them from the hand of the Roman empire, but they failed to recognize Jesus as the redeemer, God had sent save the world.

In todays passage Jesus revealed this secret to his disciples that Father and He are one. Philip fails to understand the statement made by Jesus and asked Jesus to show the Father separately, so Jesus referring to the works He had done and the words He had said, points out that what He did and said was at the Father’s request. He acted/said willingly and with convictions everything the Father wanted to express to His People. And the Father wishes to do the same through our willing/believing participation though relationship with Him/Phillip and the Apostles/Disciples. Even today, those who believe in Jesus do the same work and through their deeds express/show God the Father’s heart, thus bringing glory to Him.

God the Father wants his own people to be like Jesus and to carry His love to the world, thus glorifying him. Am I ready to accept the challenge to carry God’s Love to the world?

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