Judging Others


Matthew 7:1-5



This teaching on judging is continuation of the Sermon on the Mount.  Jesus here explains to the crowd why we call condemnation on ourselves, by the very standards we set for others. And makes them understand that Love and Mercy is far more acceptable, and is imitating God in the way God relates to us.

Judging and correcting are an expression of Love and Respect, and therefore need to be done with this in mind. Those in positions which are authorised to judge and correct others, starting with parents, teachers, employers, civil judges, church administrators, etc and it is their duty to do so.  There are also times we need to stand for the right of others.  It basically tells us we need not become everyone’s conscience and mind our own business and not meddle in others.  There are some who are quick to criticise others.  Jesus is warning us against this attitude and wants us to examine our own conscience first and look into ourselves, since our judgemental attitude might reflect our own sins more than our brother or sister’s sins.  He wants us to look from the eyes of God who only sees our hearts and to realise our faults and correct ourselves. Only God can truly judge each one of us rightly.

The other message Jesus gives is that when we judge others we should be prepared to act in the same way as we have instructed the other person, when we are put in similar circumstances. 

In today’s circumstances we find too much of moral policing going on in some sects of people and it is rampant in the North of India, where they try to impose their ideology, their thought process on other people and force them to follow them.  Even God does not force us to follow his ways, he has given us the freedom to choose between what is right and wrong.

Let us spend some time with the our Lord Jesus, asking him to help us examine our hearts and change our attitudes to become humble and empathise with others.

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