Jesus Stills a Storm

Jesus Stills a Storm

Mark 4:35-41

Today’s Gospel is certainly the most dramatic of scenes. Jesus has just finished teaching and is seeking to relax somewhere away from the crowds. He decides to sail across the sea with His disciples knowing very well that a terrible storm will be brewing shortly. That’s right, Jesus being God knows of the brewing storm but He does not warn His disciples about it. Following Jesus doesn’t mean life is going to be smooth sailing. The disciples were seasoned fishermen, they were not strangers to sudden storms that were part of life fishing in the Sea of Galilee. Yet, the storm was so severe that the disciples were afraid for their lives. The humanity of Jesus has tired Him out. Jesus is deep asleep and appears to be least concerned with the situation. 

The disciples have seen Jesus work miracles, they have experienced His friendship, His faithfulness and yet as they focus on the storm they experience a sense of abandonment by Jesus. The truth still remains that Jesus is with them in the boat and in the same situation. We too experience a sense of abandonment by the Lord when we face our personal storms of Life. We too question the Lord.. Do you not care? 

When the Lord does respond, He asks us about our faith in Him.. Can we truly surrender our situation in His hands? Knowing that He is the Lord of everything and all situations. What is the storm that rocking your boat? Are you fighting the storm by yourself and sinking? Can you recognize Jesus in your boat and surrender?  Take your focus off the storm and focus on Jesus.

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