Jesus The Wisdom Of All Ages

Jesus The Wisdom Of All Ages


Matthew 7:6, 12-14


The Old Testament can be divided into The Law/The Pentateuch, History, Prophets and the newer Wisdom Tradition. Wisdom Understanding is related with God and how he works, and how one can avail of His understanding. The understanding and rise of the Wisdom Tradition in the Old Testament is gradual. This traditions earliest book is Job and the latest being the Book of Wisdom, some 200 years before Christ. The book of Job shows Gods’ wisdom as being exclusive and beyond human understanding. The book of Wisdom, showcases Wisdom as Lady Wisdom, who goes out in the streets to gather followers.

The Gospels make it a point to showcase Jesus as the very wisdom of God. He like Lady Wisdom is shown by the Synoptic Gospels out in the streets, teaching and dispensing God’s Truth. The highest point being, Matthew who shows Jesus dispensing Wisdom in the Sermon on the Mount, and Luke in the Sermon in the Plains. The Gospel of John highlights Jesus as Word/Wisdom who was always with the Father, and through whom all Creation was brought into being.

Jesus the wisdom of all ages in this passage tells us

  1. Be prudent in proclaiming God’s Truth, don’t try to force it on people. To you it is valuable, others may consider it hogwash. Only with the  Holy Spirit’s guidance can we know and understand when to speak, and what to speak, so that it  be like the farmer who sows, and does not know how the seed grows, but when the time is right, there is a full harvest at hand.
  2. Deal with the bias you have, this will make you kind to others and will be concerned about their welfare, thus making you like God. This is complimentary to removing the log from ones own eye.
  3. When one lives in comfort, s/he makes choices which will only ease the way s/he lives, then the person is in danger. Danger of wandering away from truth and righteousness, like the Prodigal Son. Suffering and sorrow, keep us on our toes and ever examining of our lifestyle and choices, hence we become prudent with our choices. This has echoes of the upside-down Kingdom Jesus proclaims in Matthew; to be first choose to be last, to win choose to lose…


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