Jesus the Satisfies the Hunger of the People


To Read Click Mark 6:30-34


  • This Teaching episode of Jesus is sandwiched between two events
    • The coming back of the 12 from their missionary journey successful yet tired.
      • Jesus recognises this and wants them to rest
      • And also help them understand all the wonders they have done on their missionary journey,
      • In the correct way
      • Lest they get carried away by pride or false understanding.
    • The other end of the sandwich is the miracle of feeding the 5000.
      • Where Jesus feeds the physical hunger of all those gathered.
      • Just like God fed the hunger of the Israelites in the Sinai Dessert.
  • So what is it that is being taught here by Mark.
    • Jesus’s zealousness for the kingdom
      • He is mindful of the physical requirements under him
      • (asking the 12 to go a lonely place, so they may rest)
      • Yet he has invested his all, so he does not spare himself to go about the work God has asked him to do.
      • Jesus will pass on this mantle to Peter in the episode of John 21:15-19
    • “Feed my lambs.”
    • “Tend my sheep.”
    • “Feed my sheep.
    • Jesus understood
      • A boat without a rudder is directionless
      • He was helping people to understand how to worship God
    • In a proper spirit of charity/love
    • With all their heart, might and strength
    • With the proper understanding
    • Yes the miracles drove people to chase Jesus all over the countryside
      • But also his teachings/instructions
      • Because the Gospels say
      • He taught with great understand and insight (authority)
      • Unlike any of the priests, scribes or pharisees of that time.