The Death of John the Baptist


To Read Click Mark 6:14-29


  • The Role of John the Baptist was to be the Herald of the coming King of Israel, and the World
    • He did this well, impressing one and all
    • And leaving a lasting memory.
    • Later Paul in his travels would encounter in distant lands
    • People who had heard of John, but not of Jesus
  • John did not compromise his words to please anyone
    • And one such person he spoke and pointed his sin to was Herod.
    • For this he was first imprisoned and then killed.
  • Are we afraid of death
    • We should not be.
    • Because Jesus has shown us that Death is but the entrance to a more fuller life in God.
  • So let us trust Jesus and go about the task he has mandated us to do
    • Without fear
    • We too will receive like John, a lasting name.