Jesus the Cause of Division


Reflection on the Gospel of the Twentieth Sunday
In Ordinary Time

Luke 12:49-53

What is your opinion, who do you think of Jesus? This is the approach to understand this Gospel Text.

Our opinion of Jesus may vary depending on “our” perception and understanding of Him. Some may accept all the statements in the Bible about Jesus, i.e. He is the son of God and Messiah and God resurrected Him on the third day, after his death on a cross. Some may say he was an imposter. Some that he is a very clever man. Even within families, some may have different views about him, this may lead to clashes and isolation. This was very evident within Christian families after Jesus’ Ascension. Some believed in the fullness of Jesus’ identity, while others were not sure/convicted about Jesus’ identity. This is the type of division, the Bible Test is speaking. In such a situation, one needs to invite Jesus to help clarify the truth of the matter or situation.  Jesus will surely respond and help. Come Lord Jesus we do believe, help our unbelief.

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