Jesus Blesses Little Children

Jesus Blesses Little Children


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday
Of The Nineteenth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 19:13-15

Jesus throughout his life journey had meet poor and sick people and bless them abudantly. In today’s passage Jesus laid his hands on children and blessed them. Through this blessing events Jesus taught us a valuable lesson to us. Every one loved to be blessed and lead successful life in the world. To live successful life one has follow principle and code of conduct in the life. Similarly, to enter eternal life one has to follow the teaching of Jesus and live as per it.

Jesus teaching is not hard to follow instead its require commitment and practice in life. If we become like child to follow the law of Jesus then we can easily achieve our eternal blessing.

Few characteristics of children: 

  • Children remain happy in all the circumstance. 
  • They never worry on their needs and wants.
  • They always keep their trust in their parents. 
  • They always honour their parents and fulfil their duty towards parents.
  • They always holds their parents hand 
  • They always seek their parents guidance in their tough time and follow it.
  • There is no evil thought, anger, unhappiness,  revenge, unforgiveness, disobedience, violence, jealous in their heart.


Let’s built childlike character within ourselves and receive eternal blessing from God.

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