Mary’s Song of Praise

Mary’s Song of Praise


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday Of The Twentieth Week In Ordinary Time
Solemnity: The Assumption of the Blessed virgin Mary

(India’s Independence Day)

Luke 1:39-56

The first and the last line of the above passage shows the helpful and caring nature of Mary. Though she herself was pregnant, on hearing from the angel of her cousin Elizabeth’s pregnancy, that she had completed six months, she immediately packs her clothing and leaves to be with Elizabeth cause she knew that she was of age and would need help for domestic work.  Both Mary and Elizabeth were not very rich that they could afford servants.  Mary even stays with her for three months and leaves before the birth of John the Baptist as she must have wanted them to experience the joys of childbirth.

We see the power of the Spirit and the presence of Jesus when Mary enters Elizabeth’s house.  Elizabeth is so elated, and she says that the babe in her womb leaped with joy.  Here I always wondered how Elizabeth knew of Mary’s pregnancy, had the word gone so far or may be the angel had appeared to her also as we know all things are not written.  Remember, that there was no means of communication like, phones and telegrams, nor buses and rickshaws.  Mary had to travel on the donkey.  Nowadays we make such a fuss to visit the sick or someone in need after having all the facilities.

In response to Elizabeth’s greeting, is the beautiful Magnificat (meaning “My soul glorifies the Lord”) sung by Mary praising and glorifying God for his abundant love and mercy and gratefulness for caring for his own and scattering the proud. The Magnificat is also a proclamation of the divine fulfilment of God’s promise. Mary thanks God for choosing her to be the mother of the Son of God though she thought herself to be so insignificant. Her faith and courage are incomparable for her to say YES to the angel at such a tender age knowing the consequences she would face to be an unwed mother.

Today being the feast of Assumption of our Lady, we pray to Mary to help us to be like her, helping, caring, compassionate, bold and faithful.  Let us pray that we too are able to say YES to the calling of our Lord to serve the church and the needy.

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