Jesus Thanks His Father


Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday Of The Fifteenth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 11:25-27

Indeed pride blinds us to many things. And those humble wake up to possibilities. It is humility that opens us to receiving graces that draw us into a closer relationship with God.

This is what we see in the Gospels. The Leaders of the people, the High Priests, scribes and some Pharisees failed to take notice of Jesus and view him on a much deeper level. But the simple folks thronged to Jesus with all their heart and, made up his disciples. Jesus is thankful for this and praises and thanks God-Father. God as He is, is all powerful and all mighty, yet he will not and cannot overturn humanities right to choose to be in a relationship with him, or not. This is so because God himself has given humanity the gifts of freedom, the right to choose and to determine its own path. So humanity cannot blame anyone, but self for whatever or wherever it is. For humanity to positively move ahead, it will have to forego its freedom and be willing to be lead by its creator.

Try, let go and let God lead you.


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