The Yoke of Jesus


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday Of The Fifteenth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 11:28-30

Everything that Jesus teaches he lives. Jesus is the model of perfect obedience
Jesus invites us to learn from Himself what it means to be Christian and His disciple. He wants us to learn how to be meek and humble of heart. Jesus lived the life of labourer and knew hard work, and as yet gave priority to quality time with His Father, over rest. He discussed with his Father the trials and troubles, his labour, his hard work, as also his experiences. Jesus invites us to learn and master how to be in continuous consultation with his Father. He invites us to learn how to be meek and humble of heart. Jesus’ yoke is the experiences and hardships of this world, yet also to live in contentment, acceptance, and above these experiences and hardship. Let us take the initiative to walk to Jesus in spite of our worldly worries, let us surrender ourselves to him, let us experience his peace and meek love and humble heart. Holy Spirit help us to always be willing to learn and teach the word.

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