Jesus Stills a Storm

Jesus Stills a Storm


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday Of The Third Week In Ordinary Time

Mark 4:35-41

Jesus after finishing his preaching, teaching and healing in Galilee, he started moving towards gentile people. Jesus asked his disciples to arrange a boat and move to the other side of the sea. The Disciples during this journey were facing difficulty to row their boats as strong winds struck their boat and made their progress difficult to reach their destiny. The Disciples tried their level best but could not succeed so they cried out to Jesus who was sleeping on a cushion in the boat. As soon as Jesus heard their cries he immediately commanded the sea “ Be still” and there was a great calm in the sea and they started their journey smoothly and reached their destiny. Jesus asked them to have a faith in him. Let’s reflects on word faith.

The symbol of the sea represents world or universe.

The symbol of boat represents our own life.

The symbol of wind represents difficult situations or tough times in our life.

The symbol of the other side of sea represents moving to unknown or challenging places.

Whenever we are moving towards unknown places or challenging roles, then definitely we shall face difficulties in our life and we may find it difficult to row our boat in the sea. Like Jesus in this passage sleeping on the cushion, he shall be with us but we fail to remember him and seek help from him so he too remains silent and watching. Usually at the time of temptation or difficulty we seek help from human beings or rely on our own strength, power, knowledge and skill, finally everything is in vain like this situation of the disciples, we then realize late and seek help from Jesus and he too instantly changes our circumstances from abnormal to normal.

Yes, friends there is temptations and, challenges in our life in the form of financial crisis, health issues, sudden death in the family etc, but we should not despair, our Lord Jesus has power to change the situation upside down – the right side up. Always rely on God’s power instead of your own power so that we too reach our destiny safely. Remember if you say God is in complete control of your life, then you should not fear nothing or anyone. The one created you in your mothers womb shall carry you throughout your lifetime with confidence. And in this confidence let’s row our boat in the sea of life.

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