Jesus Is Presented in the Temple


Reflection on the Gospel of the Fifth Day (Wednesday) In The Octave of Christmas

Luke 2:22-35

Mary and Joseph come to the Temple for the purification rite, and offer a poor Person’s offering; a pair of turtledoves or two young pigeons. Jesus as Mary’s First Born (that does not mean Mary had other children), requires to be redeemed in accordance with the Egyptian Passover Redemption, when the Egyptian First Born met death, and the Hebrews were given their freedom.

Then comes in Simeon and prophecies about Mary’s Son; he is to be the Salvation of all People. Hope for the Nations, and glory to Israel from whence he comes. But his salvation is going to be a dividing factor. people will have to make a choice to be with Him or apart from Him.

This is the choice we all have, either to believe in Jesus as God, Messiah and Saviour, to to ignore Him, or oppose Him.

What is going to be your choice?


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