The Return to Nazareth


Reflection on the Gospel of the Sixth Day (Thursday) In The Octave of Christmas

Luke 2:36-40

The Prophetess Anna praised God and spoke about the child Jesus, recognising him as the saviour who will redeem the whole world. She everyday spent time in prayer, praise and worship and supported this with fasting. She was blessed to be right in front of the Saviour.

Mary and Joseph with humility surrendered and fulfilled all that the Law required and took full care to bring up Jesus with love and care, bearing all the challenges. May the Lord Jesus help us to spend sufficient time in prayer and help us to come in His Presence. Bless us that we work fervently in our families and help us in the upbringing our children, that they recognise to listen to God’s Word.

Holy spirit help me in leading a life of prayer of praise and worship.

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