Jesus Denounces Pharisees and Lawyers

Jesus Denounces Pharisees and Lawyers


Reflection on the Gospel of the Tuesday In The Twenty-Eight Week In Ordinary Time

Luke 11:37-41

What is it that defines us, our clothing or our identity?

Over the weekend was involved in teaching the paramount importance of knowing our identity in God, as Christians. The topic in passing was the importance and meaning of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, and their spiritual importance, under Nehemiah. Jeff Cavins identifies this with understanding our identity in Christ. The pivot I would say, on which we achieve our goal of being like Jesus.

The classical attitudes of slave and servant to God, can never help us understand and appreciate the letter to the Ephesians, where we are eligible for an inheritance (only Children are eligible for an inheritance) from God. If we do not understand this, and appreciate this, we will never allow ourselves to be God’s Children, though we may give this idea lip service.

So coming back to today’s text… The Pharisees and Scribes are caught up in this vice. They are so paranoid of living a righteous and virtuous life, that they miss the point, and are trying to live godly lives, though inside they think of themselves as slaves and servants. Slaves and Servants can never have the freedom of a Son and can never imagine living like a son, who though failing at times, knows the forgiving and loving heart of his father in Heaven, so he picks himself up, acknowledges his errors, but never runs away from his Father.

Ask then today, of the Holy Spirit, to fill you with the heart of a Son, i.e. God’s Son. That you may come before him in all humility, knowing your limitations and failings, but also appreciate of the love Our Father in Heaven has for us.

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